05:20 GMT +328 September 2016
Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Moscow Must 'Prove' Itself, Make Assad Accept Peace - Italian Foreign Minister

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Italy’s Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni is offering Moscow the chance to "prove" it really wanted to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad to resolve the crisis in the Arab republic peacefully, through political dialogue.

ROME (Sputnik) – In an article published in the newspaper Unita, Italy's foreign minister recalled that his country was among the states that positively assessed Moscow’s presence in Syria, given the "containing influence" it could have on Assad.

"However, it turned out differently. Moscow did not force the regime and different Shiite groups that support him to change direction: indiscriminate bombings against civilians continue, sieges have become more severe, international commitments and the UN Security Council’s resolutions are consistently ignored. That's why the time has come to send a strong message to Moscow. It's high time for Russia to prove it wants to use its influence on the regime," Gentiloni wrote in the article.

Moscow and Washington are among the key actors in the mediation Syria's protracted internal conflict, which has lasted since March 2011. Government forces loyal to President Assad are fighting numerous opposition factions and religious extremist groups. The latest ceasefire in Syria was brokered by the United States and Russia on September 9. Having entered into force on September 12, the deal, nevertheless, broke apart over repeated violations of the truce.

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  • landauroj
    Assad is not a puppet. While he is in power the reconstruction of Syria will be done by Syria engineers. Syria resources will be protected to help the Syrian to live with dignity in their own country. The west will lose all that money expended in Syria; money that they expect to gain back with profit. That is why these unscrupulous people want Assad to go.
  • ViTran
    What ...Another attention seekig puppet !
  • maxxus
    Will no NATO (i.e., Israel/US/UK) vassal state official ever say 'No, that is a lie too far. I don't live in upside down world.' Seems not.
  • amalgam
    Go back to your US/NATO masters and tell them no sane person is listening to your inanities.
    I would rather listen to a five year old describing quantum physics ,than this inept Italian politician pretending he is important in the world.
    Mr.Gentiloni, go home and take an aspirin to cure your US headache.
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